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'8 Bit Parallel To 1 Megabit SPI w/ Buffering'
1999\10\12@165849 by Les

I'm interesting in finding out a way to turn an 8 bit parallel input data
stream into a (max.) 1 Megabit output SPI stream.

I would like to simply supply 8 bits of data to a PIC from an existing bus,
and have it buffer aprox. (512 bytes to .... ?16k?) while streaming it out
through SPI..

Is this realistic using PIC's?

Leslie Bester
Chief Technical Officer
Gallmark Corporation
500-280 Smith St.
Winnipeg, MB.   R3C 1K2

Contact Specifications:
204-944-1119 (voice office)
204-949-0768 (fax office)
204-933-5164 (pager)
204-229-1082 (cellular) (email) (email pager)

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1999\10\12@200844 by Mark Willis

1 Megabit is going to be a tough upper limit, I'd suggest picking a
faster PIC clock rate (With a 20 MHz clock, divided by 4, you have 5
instructions to handle sending one bit.  Under all cases.  While
watching the parallel input port "like a hawk".)

Probably do-able, I sure wouldn't dare some of the Assembler guru's here
to do it & bet money against them, I might consider a different
processor for this job (Atmel or Scenix.)  Faster instruction cycle
sounds good for this application.

 Mark (There's probably a better way, though.)

Les wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1999\10\12@212648 by Dennis Plunkett

At 17:07 12/10/99 -0700, you wrote:
{Quote hidden}

This not doable need 7 cycles per bit including the clocking


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