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'5 Watt Resistor Drop Out from Lead'
2003\02\11@082726 by Olin Lathrop

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> I have the 5 Watt 20 ohm resistor drop out from the soldering lead due
> to the heat generated. It is connected to input voltage of 18~19 Volt
> from an DC adaptor of DC 12 V 1000mA non regulated.  My problem is the
> lead of the resistor drop out from the soldering PCB after some time
> (1-2 months). Of course the board have some minor burn mark.  How to
> prevent this from happening ?

Do the math, duh!

I know it takes a multiply and a divide (don't you just hate those), but,
c'mon, you can do it.  Apparently P = V**2 / R is too complex, so how
about this:  If Johnny arranged a square of 18 by 18 apples, then Sally
rearranged them in 20 equal piles, how many apples are in each pile?
Hint: about 16.  Now, do you think it's smart to throw 16 apples at a 5
apple resistor?  Gee, what do you think a 5 watt resistor might do when
you dump 16 watts thru it?  Do you think it might get kinda hot?  Do you
think the melting solder and scortch marks might be a clue to the answer?

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