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'40 pin picstart socket.'
1994\06\15@100910 by IDH


 > >
 > > Can the unused 40 pin pickstart socket be used forprogramming 40 pin
 > > PIC chips?.
 > Don't know. What revision do you have? I have the 16B. No 40pin
 > socket at all.
 > Both of the 40 pin offerings can be programmer serially. Maybe it's
 > possible to create the 5 pin interface necessary to do that on a
 > daughterboard?
 My board is marked 04-01315 rev2.  The Firmware chip is marked
 Picstart-16B firmware rev 1.4.  The copyright is  1992.  The location
 of the 40pin socket is market u8.  Can serial programming be done
 using the Picstart Board as the programmer?. (Perhaps this is
 refrasing your last question).
                             Ian H.

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