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'40*2 LCD'
1996\08\09@205500 by Don McKenzie

Bernard Seront wrote:
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As well as the unused pic pin and negative charge pump generator, I have also
used a ni-cad 1.2V battery, and the negative rail of a MAX-232 that was needed
in the cct for comms anyway, however these days they (Max-232's) seem to be
getting cheaper.

I guess you could add one just for the low power negative rail required by these
types of displays.

Don McKenzie
DonTronics Tullamarine, Australia

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1996\08\11@184519 by Robert Lunn

> One option I see is a Maxim dc-dc pump charge, or switched capacitor,
> inverter (MAX1044/ICL7660, MAX828/829 or MAX853) , looking at their data
> sheets it seems that could do the job. Anyone already tried or used
> similar components?

       Like the many others who have replied, I have used both an ICL7660
       (actually the Linear Technology equivalent) or the negative voltage
       from an RS-232 interface chip.

       Both solutions work without problems.

       Depending on what you are doing, building your own switched
       capacitor inverter is probably not worth the hassle.  Keep it
       simple and use a chip.  Note that there are newer versions of the
       '7660 that only need small (0.1 uf) external caps; I believe
       there's a version that doesn't need external caps at all.


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