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'2106A PMOS transistor?'
1999\07\01@093914 by Greg Hastings

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<x-flowed>A circuit I am building asks for a 2106A PMOS transistor, which I
have not been able to find or cross reference.

Anyone know of some possible alternatives or DIGI-KEY or MOUSER
part numbers for this transistor?


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1999\07\01@100018 by Myke Predko

Hi Greg,

It's a Zetex Part and you can order it from Digi-Key as:



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From: Greg Hastings <spam_OUTghpoeTakeThisOuTspamHOTMAIL.COM>
Date: Thursday, July 01, 1999 9:31 AM
Subject: 2106A PMOS transistor?

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