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'18 bit address from PC port'
1997\06\05@123015 by Mike

At 03:59 AM 6/5/97 -0700, you wrote:

>   How does this relate to the PIC? ;-) Well, I use their 1016 to emulate
>generic Motorola and Intel uP signals off of a PC parallel port. It allows
>me to test a variety of peripheral chips and PIC interfaces. With a 1016,
>I get an 18 Bit address bus, 8 Bit data bus, and related control signals.
>It's also good for programming memory chips...
>   - Tom

This sounds like an interesting extension to a PC's parallel port,
is there any chance you could publish this ?



Some say there is no magic but, all things begin with thought then it becomes
academic, then some poor slob works out a practical way to implement all that
theory, this is called Engineering - for most people another form of magic.

1997\06\06@073625 by Tom Handley

picon face
re: Lattice ispLSI1016 and PC Parallel Port

  Mike, I've been sitting on this as I'm considering commercial products
and/or submitting it to EDN's "Design Ideas". It actually generates a 24 Bit
address as well as generic uP signals and a HBEN (High Byte Enable) signal
which is useful for 12+ Bit A/Ds that I often deal with. Basically, I use
the printer port's control lines to implement a state machine. I've been
feeling guilty as I've gained so much from the MIT and Parallax mail lists
that I may just release it on my web page... It requires an FPGA with at
least 32 I/O lines and an external '245-style bus tranceiver. It also
requires a bi-directional printer port where the control register, Bit 5,
sets the I/O direction. This is fairly standard now days and should not be a
problem. On the PC side, I use the Watcom C/C++ compiler and the code is in
C though I would like to move the low-level calls to assembler when I get

  - Tom

At 12:30 PM 6/5/97 -0400, you wrote:
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