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'16f877 and UDATA_SHR etc...'
2000\03\20@193920 by Quitt, Walter

Anybody got UDATA_SHR and 16f877 to work together in MPLAB 4.12.00 or
The examples in the MPASM USER'S GUIDE with MPLINK and MPLIB DS3301F don't
seem to work.  I played around A LOT and after putting the shared data in
it's own source ASM file (with it's own corresponding END directive) I got
it to compile.  Not just compile, but to link in a multi source file
project.  What a pain!

The main reason to get SHaRed data to work is for interrupt context saving
to work correctly in the multibank environment of the 16f877.  The examples
work for another multibanked part (which I've been using for over a year)
the 17c756.

So what's up here??????????


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