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'16f873 stepper problems'
2000\05\25@015048 by RAYMOND WILLCOX

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part 0 214 bytes content-type:application/octet-stream; name="stepr.asm"</x-flowed>
Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name="stepr.asm"
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2000\05\25@020834 by Tony Nixon

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> Hi all
>   I'm trying to vary the speed of a stepper motor with a pot(a2d)
> in a 16f873 circuit. My code 'seems' to work except for the delay part.
>    This code(see attachment) uses the a2d module to write a value to
> register(store)to change the DELAY routine and thus the speed of the steps.
> It seems to work somewhat from H'00' to H'0F'. When the value exceeds H'0F'
> the delay slows down. This looks like something to do with lsb or overflow
> of the CounterX regs. There is also some re-load/goto xxxx delays introduced
> when the program cycles back to 'mnloop'. I don't think this is much of a
> problem though? Any help or better code will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
> in advance, Mark
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>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Name: stepr.asm
>    stepr.asm    Type: ASM File (application/x-unknown-content-type-asm_auto_file)
>             Encoding: base64

       CBLOCK  0X20

f       EQU     1
w       EQU     0
store   EQU     0X0C
OUTPUT  EQU     06

Put store inside the CBLOCK statement. At the moment you are writing it
ti the PIR1 register

       CBLOCK  0X20

f       EQU     1
w       EQU     0
OUTPUT  EQU     06

Best regards


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