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'16cxx serial port problems.'
1996\06\03@111727 by Chaipi Wijnbergen

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About 6 weeks ago I posted a note on this list saying that the Israeli
rep for Microchip, warrned me againsed using BRGH high on the 16C74. and
that it would not be fixed in the upcommong 16C74A. I have not
expirienced any problems with it and I got evidence from others as well
that it is working fine, but 16C65 has the same UART, and some peaple do
have problems, so, do not use it.


> The number of significant defects in the PIC16C65 is an outrage.  I spent a
> great deal
> of time trying to debug some serial-comm code, only to discover that the SCI
> doesn't
> work dependably when the "BRGH" bit is set.  It was an insidious problem,
> only
> about 10% of my received packets were corrupted.
> -----------------------------------------
> Frank Latos, Duo Systems Inc.
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