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'16c84 doing RC5 decoding on the fly using interrup'
1997\05\23@114406 by Edward Cardew

I have just finished (at least for now) a piece of code that will get a
16c84 to decode RC5 infrared codes as used by Philips (Yes, it also decodes
the extended codes!). The code works but still looks a bit messy. Feel free
to use it, I promised it to the list some time ago. The circuit used is
explained somewhat in the code and uses an LCD display, 4 keys, a piezzo,
RS232 output and RC5 decoding. The fun thing is the Remote control decoding
is done on the fly using RB0/Int and the internal timer.

Find the code at

If you want to comment please send it to me at

I know my coding is not the best but the list does not have to know   ;-)

Edward Cardew
Societe Europeenne des Satellites
G.D. of Luxembourg

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