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'16c84 OTP ?'
1997\08\15@185007 by Ravindra Divekar

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does anybody know if there is a cheaper OTP version of
16c84 ?

1997\08\15@195651 by John Payson

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> does anybody know if there is a cheaper OTP version of
> 16c84 ?

Do you mean a chip with data EEPROM but code OTP?  Nothing like that exists
currently from Microchip; your best bet would probably be to use a chip like
the 16C62x or 16C62 and use an external EEPROM chip.  They're cheap, small,
and not all that much of a pain to program; many will only cost you two I/O
pins.  Perhaps Microchip will come up with something between the 16x84 and
the 16CR84 [mask ROM] but for the moment I'd suggest using the existing
parts with external EEPROM.

1997\08\15@200600 by Mike Keitz

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On Fri, 15 Aug 1997 15:19:39 -0700 Ravindra Divekar <spam_OUTravindraTakeThisOuTspamHAL.COM>
>does anybody know if there is a cheaper OTP version of
>16c84 ?
No, there isn't.  Microchip is trying to move everyone to the F84 by
making it a little less expensive.  It will replace the C84 directly
except for a slightly different way of programming the chip.  It also has
a larger RAM.  There is a ROM version the 16CR84 but you'd likely need to
order many thousands of them before Microchip will make the ROM mask for
you.  If you don't need the EEPROM then one of the other 18-pin 14-bit
parts like the C61 or the C556 could be used.  If you do need EEPROM one
of those parts combined with an external EEPROM like a 93LC46 or 24LC02
may end up costing slightly less than an '84.  The external EEPROM does
offer the opportunity to get a much larger EEPROM at only slight
additional cost.  But the data in the EEPROM is not at all secure against
cracking then.

1997\08\18@105422 by Martin R. Green

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Nope, as one of the few (only?) EEPROM PIC's out there, the 16C84 and 16F84
PIC's need no OTP version.  The reason the UV erasable versions of the
other PIC's are so much more expensive is the quartz window and ceramic
package necessary to allow EPROM erasure.  The 16x84 devices can use a
plastic package like the OTP devices so there is no need for an OTP
version.  I find the 16x84 devices to be very reasonably priced, not much
over the OTP versions of many low-end PIC's, but I guess if you are talking
volumes in the thousands, every penny counts.

CIAO - Martin R. Green

From:   Ravindra Divekar[SMTP:ravindraspamKILLspamHAL.COM]
Sent:   Friday, August 15, 1997 6:19 PM
Subject:        16c84 OTP ?

does anybody know if there is a cheaper OTP version of
16c84 ?

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