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'16c64 Temperature Range'
1994\08\30@065346 by crocontroller discussion list

> Hallo Derrick!
> The 16C64, as far as I understand,will be available in extended temp.
> Initially I think that Industrial is the one Microchip will put thru.
> It has -40 - +85 C as it_s limits. The one you are looking for is the "E" temp
> which is Automotive temprange going from -40 to +125 C and that one will be
> early 1995 or something.
>  /Johan, FAE Sales Sweden

Hi Johan,

I didn't know that the automotive temp version isn't in production presently.
Thank you for the update.  I can at least debug on the Industrial version for
starters, once I finish writing my code.  At the rate I'm going, the year 2000
will be my completion date.


Derrick Early

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