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'16F876, SSPSTAT(CKE) bit cannot be changed?'
2000\03\08@202446 by Somasundaram Meiyappan

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Hi PIClisters,

I was trying to configure the SPI mode in a 16F876 in MPLAB. I set the bank
properly(Bank1). Then said - BSF SSPSTAT,CKE / BSF SSPSTAT,6. But the CKE
bit does not get set when I am running the program under MPSIM. I use MPLAB
4.12.00 . I also tried setting the SSPCON (Bank0) before/ after configuring
the SSPSTAT. In either way, the CKE bit is not set in SSPSTAT.

Have you experienced such problems before? If so, is it a problem with
MPLAB or with the device?

Thanks and Regards,
Somasundaram Meiyappan.

** Snippet No.1
bsf     STATUS,RP0

bcf     STATUS,RP0
movlw   0x22
movwf   SSPCON

** Snippet No.2
bcf     STATUS,RP0
movlw   0x22
movwf   SSPCON

bsf     STATUS,RP0
bsf     SSPSTAT,6

** Snippet No.3
bsf     STATUS,RP0
movlw   0x40
movwf   SSPSTAT ; Pls. note that Bits 0-5 are read only in SSPSTAT

bcf     STATUS,RP0
movlw   0x22
movwf   SSPCON

All the codes above did not set CKE. But the SSPCON register is being
changed by all the codes.

2000\03\09@034807 by Kevin Blain

MPLAB and the simulator  under windows at least - doesn't support much
really. I doen't support the serial port in any of ot's modes, it doesn't
support the A/D functions, it doesn't support PWM, CCP or a whole load of
other things. On the 12 series PICs, it doesn't support much in the way of
GPIO either, like the pin GP3/MCLR and stuff

You could try 4.99.07 from the microchip website, this claims to support
more peripheral functions, I know that they said it supported the GPIO port
on the 12 series better, but I found that version perpetually crashed on my
system, especially when saving a project. Personally, I'm hanging on for
version 5.00, due out within a fortnght.

regards, Kevin
{Original Message removed}

2000\03\09@080103 by Tobie Horswill

I'm having the exact same problem with the 16F877.

I've posted about this problem before (in this list and also in
alt.microcontrollers.8bit, comp.arch.embedded, MicroChip PicMicro Discussion
Group and directly to MicroChip tech support) but so far no answer?!?!

I've noticed that recompiling the same code to other similar chips such as
the 16C67 and 16C77 in MPLAB does allow the SSPSTAT<6> (CKE) bit to be
changed. So it would seem that even if the chips (16F876 and 16F877)
probably do support the CKE bit, MPLAB's chip definitions for these same
chips don't...

Hello ? MicroChip ? Anybody home ?


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