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'16F873 stopwatch code wanted'
2000\05\30@023619 by markwillcox56

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<x-flowed>Hi all
 I would like to build a simple stopwatch using a 16f873 @ 4Mhz(xt). The
stop/start could be on RA4/TOCS or an external interrupt on RB0. Once
started, I would like the counter to incf a register(s)each FF to 00
overflow and count the number of overflows during run time(# of overflows x
machine cycles = ms or sec)? I would like this stopwatch to be able to count
from milliseconds up to seconds(if possible). I would like to display the
count register(s) total at the end(stop) of count on ports B&C(2 x 8 LED
bargraphs). Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated, thanks in
advance, Mark
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