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'16F873 runs slower than 16F84'
2000\05\17@103011 by JP.BROWN

Greetings all!, I am trying out my old 16F84 programs on my new 16F873 set
up, everything seems to be working ok except the 16F873 is
running slightly slower than the 16F84 (using a very similar program).

The program is a simple led flash program that also sends out a test
message (bit banged 16F84 style) to the PC. If you watch the leds flashing
on the two circuits you can see after a few seconds that the 16F873 setup
is running just  a little slower than the 16F84 but the big difference is
in the test message to the PC, the 16F873 is printing garbage.

I have tried a different 16F873 but it does just the same thing, any
ideas?, is there some extra feature on the 16F873 that could be causing
this?  (I have turned off WDT and DEBUG).

------- John P.B.

         -----  John P. Brown ----
          \            --- Witty remark goes here ---         /

2000\05\18@103314 by JP.BROWN

Puzzle solved!, the two programs below are identical at source level but
the 16F873 version compiles to a bigger .hex program. I am using cc5x so I
re-compiled using the -a option and on examination of the .asm listing I
could see that all the timing loops are longer due to some extra BCF
instructions in the compiled 16F873 version (for ram paging I think).
I recalculated my time loop constants and now the both run at the same
speed :-)

On Wed, 17 May 2000, JP.BROWN wrote:

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