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'16F84 to 12C509 porting checklist (Rev B)'
1998\07\06@012419 by James Cameron

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This is Revision B of my 16F84 to 12C509 porting checklist, and includes
comments from;

       Michael Ghormley <spam_OUTmikegTakeThisOuTspamBLACKSAND.NS.COM>,
       Dwayne Reid <.....dwaynerKILLspamspam@spam@PLANET.EON.NET>,
       G.Daniel Invent Design <>,
       Marc Hoffknecht <.....HoffknechtKILLspamspam.....GMX.NET>.

The checklist;

- include P12C509A.INC instead of P16F84.INC,
- check __CONFIG flags,
       - use of MCLRE,
       - no use of PWRTE,
       - valid oscillator configuration,
- check code for no use of instructions SUBLW, ADDLW, nor RETFIE,
- check use of RETURN versus RETLW, [Dwayne Reid]
- check code for no use of register addresses PORTA, PORTB, EEDATA,
- check code for no use of STATUS bits IRP, RP1, nor RP0,
- check code for OPTION register,
       - no use of OPTION_REG,
       - use of OPTION instruction,
       - no use of OPTION_REG bits RBPU nor INTEDG,
       - TOCS bit must be '0' if GP2 is output, [Michael Ghormley]
- check register file addresses used do not exceed limits (valid range
is 0x07 to 0x1f and 0x30 to 0x3f, addresses below 0x0c are in use on
16F84 anyway, so this is the first common free address),
- check code for FSR register,
       - ensure MSB not used, [Marc Hoffknecht]
- check code for TRIS register,
       - no use of TRISA nor TRISB,
       - use of TRIS,
- if using _IntRC_OSC,
       - clock may drift, check any external timing assumptions,
       - check first instruction is MOVWF OSCCAL,
       - check 0x3ff is not to be programmed (contains MOVLW for
- if not using _MCLRE_OFF,
       - check GP3 is not used,
- check stack depth does not exceed two levels, [G. Daniel]

James Cameron                              (
Digital Equipment Corporation (Australia) Pty. Ltd. A.C.N. 000 446 800

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