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'16F84 to 12C509 Porting Checklist (Rev E)'
1999\12\28@180350 by quozl

As someone suggested, I've moved this porting checklist into HTML and
stuck it on the web.  I took the opportunity to tidy it up and add a
few other comments to it.

"How practical is it to prototype on a re-usable and quickly
reprogrammable EEPROM PIC before moving the design to a
UV-erasable or one time programmable (OTP) part? Some have
done it, and this document is the distillation of their wisdom.

Summary: there are lots of traps.

This is Revision E of the 16F84 to 12C509 porting checklist. Many on
the PIClist have contributed, but a record has not been kept. The
checklist is intended to be used when moving working code from one
processor to the other, and as a guide for things to avoid when writing
code that one day may be moved.

A source template for assembly code that can be used on both
processors is included."

James Cameron

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