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'16F84 and I2Cbus devide simulation software'
1998\10\03@125823 by Leo

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Hi piclister,

I'm now trying to emulate an PCF8574AP of PHILIPS with a 16F84.
The PCF8574AP is a semi-bidirectional 8 bit expander.

Before to go begin to work I have searched on the net and from colleagues
all information regarding the I2Cbus and its use.

On Mchip application AN554 i2c_test.asm I have found the scheletor to use to
begin to work.

I have also found from a non technician friend a software called IICTV of
PHILIPS,  dated 1990 able to simulate on a DOS PC some I2Cbus device for
television use; the program seems able to read and write any kind of I2Cbus
device using a very simple hardware interface.
The I2Cbus interface for the PC is made  using one SN7405 and six resistor
on the LPT1 port to generate the SCL and SDA.

I ask to my PIC friends if anyone have esperience on this PHILIPS software??

Exist a recent version? How much cost? Is this software the best tool to
work and debug on PIC & I2Cbus ?

Ciao e saluti.


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Data: sabato 3 ottobre 1998 16.00
Oggetto: Re: [OT] Mist maker

>On Sat, 3 Oct 1998, Quentin wrote:
>> Hi
>> The Boss and I were at the garden centre today where I saw a small mist
>> maker. It is a little electric device (size of an ice hockey puc) that
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