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'16C924 and LCD'
1997\02\08@061719 by jiri kuukasjarvi

John Payson wrote:
> >         2. How are LCD`s used? I have these 5 digit 7-segment
> >            LCD`s, and I would like to use them in my project,
> >            but the 16C924 doesn4t drive more than 31 or so
> >            segments with one common, and I need to control
> >            37 segments.
> The 16C924 allows you to multiplex LCD's one, two, three, or four ways, for
> a total of 32, 62, 90, or 116 segments.  For your application, I would guess
> your best bet would be a by-two multiplex arrangement.  In this arrangement,
> the common wires for the first, third, and fifth digits would be wired to-
> gether as would be those of the second and fourth.  The segment wires of the
> first two digits would be wired together, as would those of the third and
> fourth.
> This is assuming, btw, that each display has one common wire and seven segment
> wires.  Is this in fact how they are configured?

         No, that4s not the way here. One common and 39 segment pins in 40 pin
       package. I don4t need more than 36 segments in my current project.
       I guess I could minimize the use of segments to 31, but then
       I would need to use this display as 4 1/2 digit display, but I don4t
       want to do that (More digits = more accuracy).
         I called to our local Microchip distributor, and that salesman I
       spoke to told me aboat some arrangement where I connect some
       I/O - pins to Vcc and GND via a suitable resistor (to drop
       the voltage to 2.5 Volts. Then the control of LCD is done with the
       software. I don4t find that very handy..
         Well see.. I4ll try something first, but then I get lazy and do it the
       easy way..

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