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'16C84 vs. 16F84'
1998\11\28@000341 by enpassant

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As I understand it the 16C84 and 16F84 are essentially the same chip,
but I have not had much success using 16C84 code directly on a 16F84.
Can someone please answer the following questions..
1) What are the differences?
2) Can a program written for 16C84 be used *EXACTLY* as is for the
     including assembler instructions and memory address references?
3) If answer to #2 is *NO* what modifications are necessary.

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1998\11\28@031136 by Richard Parsons

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   The difference I remember is the fuse bits are backwards - If you are programming a F series with a 'C' programmer, invert the WDT bit (SET = WDT off) and vice versa. No other things have changed

Richard P

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1998\11\29@144803 by uter van ooijen / floortje hanneman

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(copy from a few weeks ago)

This is a FFFAQ

16f84 (68 file registers == ram bytes) is upwards compatible with 16c84
(36), except for:
- polarity of power-on timer enable bit
- code-protection bits
Neither will be very important for a hobby project.
Using the appropriate header files (in whathever language you use) will
useually take care
of these differences, but in a pinch you can simply substitute a 16f84 for
a 16c84,
invert the power-on enable (if you care at all) and live with a
code protection (if you enabled this at all).

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