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'16C84 Simulator'
1994\11\11@203512 by crocontroller discussion list

Hi everybody.

I've written a PIC16C84 simulator that runs under X Windows.  It's in
C++ and has been compiled & run with gcc-2.5.8 on Linux and
SunOS4.1.3.  It accepts output from Ian King's PicTools assembler.  It
still needs a lot of work (e.g. it's hard-coded to read the program
from "") but I thought I'd tell you all about it in case
somebody wants to play with it / help develop it.  I've kept the other
PIC processors in mind while writing it, and I think it will be easy
to add support for the other chips.

If you want a copy, let me know (*DON'T* send the request to the PIC
list!).  I'll be away on business for the next two weeks, but I'll be
checking my email and will be able to respond to requests.  (I just
may not be able to fix bugs until I get back.)  If I get deluged with
requests, I'll try to find an FTP site somewhere to post it.
(Suggestions for such a site are welcome.)


1994\11\14@111720 by crocontroller discussion list

I do most of my work on UNIX and would love a copy of the simulator.
Thanks for the offer.


Student Television Of Imperial College
Beit Quad, Prince Consort Road
London  SW7 2BB
Tel. 071-594-8104
Fax. 071-225-2309 attn. STOIC

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