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'16C84 Instruction Set Errata?'
1998\10\06@213110 by netquake

Hi all!

I would like to know whether this are errors or I'm just dreaming.
While reading PIC16C84 datasheet's (DS30445A) instruction set summary
I noticed what I presume are a couple of mistakes:

(on page 58)

IORWF  Inclusive OR W with f
Operation: (W).OR.(f) -> (W)   (shouldn't it be (dest) the destination?)
Status Affected: ~Z            (~Z ? Did they mean Z flag?)

(on page 60)

RRF Rotate Right f through Carry
Example           RRF   REG1,0
                 Before Instruction
                       REG1 = 1110 0110
                       C    = 0
                 After Instruction
                       REG1 = 1110 0110
                       C    = 1     (1? Isn't it a 0 supposed to rol here?)

(on page 61)
SUBLW Substract W from Literal
Example 2:      Before Instruction
                       W = 2
               C = ?
               After Instruction
                       W = 0
                       C = 1;result is zero     (C? Shouldn't it be Z = 1 ?)

(also on page 61)

SUBWF Substract W from f
Example 2:      Before Instruction
                       REG1 = 2
                       W = 2
               C = ?
               After Instruction
                       REG1 = 0
                       W = 2
                       C = 1;result is zero     (C? Shouldn't it be Z = 1 ?)

Can anybody confirm or deny this?

P.D.: I may be wrong. But I may be right! ;-)
There's also the possibility that this is already fixed in a new version.
Mine is DS30445A

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