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PICList Thread
'16C74 Emulation Mystery'
1996\05\16@175435 by Bob Fehrenbach

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I just started a 16C74 project and ran into an emulator problem I haven't
seen before and wondered of anyone had a comment.  First of all, a
test program:

  list p = 16C74, n = 0, c = 132, r = dec,

STATUS                    equ     h'0003'
ADCON0                    equ     h'001f'
CHS2                      equ     h'0005'
CHS1                      equ     h'0004'
CHS0                      equ     h'0003'
RP0                       equ     h'0005'

          org   0

  bcf     STATUS, RP0        ;RAM page 0

  movlw   b'01001000'        ;Write something to ADCON0
  movwf   ADCON0

  clrwdt                     ;Simulate scanning of 4 a/d channels
  movlw   1<<CHS0
  addwf   ADCON0, f          ;Another write to ADCON0
  bcf     ADCON0, CHS2       ;And another
  goto    main


Loading this program and single stepping, the emulator does not
recognize any writes to ADCON0 (file h'1f').  In addition, it is
impossible to manually change the value of ADCON0 in the usual

If I go into the diagnostics window, tell the system that my
I/O address is 300 and then reload the hex file, the writes
are recognized!

I am using the latest version available version of the Picmaster

The problem does not seem to exist if this exercise is conducted
using MPLAB.


Bob Fehrenbach    Wauwatosa, WI

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