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PICList Thread
1997\07\03@104208 by GERALD LEWIS

    For all you folks that inquired about small orders for the 16C71 04/P
    OTPs (18P Dip) that I have, they will be shipped out starting Monday
    July 7. Shipping and handling is $2.00 for orders of 10 or so and the
    parts are $2.50 each.

    For orders of 10 to 100 the price is $2.00 and shipping is $3.00 in a
    US Mail flat rate envelope or your choice.

    For orders of 100 or more the price is $1.75 each and shipping is
    fixed at $10.00 with insurance coverage.  Shipping with UPS is

    Orders may be prepaid or delivered COD with Money Order or other
    guaranteed check.

    These parts are 18P Dip have 13 I/O with interrupt capability, RTCC,
    and 4-8 bit A/D channels.

    From Friday 7/4/97 to Monday 7/7/97 EMail me at:


                  land wire:  (818) 703-7070     FAX (818) 999-6171

    From Tuesday 7/8/97 on, EMail me at:


                  land wire:   (612) 572 4866 wk.   (612) 572-4833 FAX
                               (612) 572 1948 hm.

                       Thank you for your patience.

                       Have a great holiday.

                       Gerald Lewis
                       GJL Prototech, Inc.

1997\08\09@163741 by Gerald Lewis
Pic 16C71 04/P 18P Dip,  any qty $1.75/ea,
shipping paid 50 up.  (612) 572-1948, 4866

1997\08\19@201115 by Gerald Lewis

16C71 04/P 18P Dip OTP, any quantity $1.75 ea.

1997\09\12@185350 by Gerald Lewis
16C71 04/P 18P Dip OTP, any quantity $1.75 ea.

(612) 572-1948, 4866

1997\09\15@103546 by Lynn Richardson

What's the date code on these?

Lynn Richardson - Design Eng.|WA0ZNL            |Progress Instruments, Inc.
DC - 1GHz, RX, TX 100W, PLL  |WA0ZNL.AMPR.ORG   |807 NW Commerce Drive
ASM 6805, 8051, Z8, PIC      |       |Lee's Summit, MO 64086
C                            ||P(816)524-4442 F 246-4556

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