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'16C71 flash replacement?'
2000\03\20@110202 by JP.BROWN

Anybody know if Microchip have made a flash replacement for the 16C71?
It would be useful to have a drop in replacement for 16F84 or 16C71.
I looked on the Microchip web site with my ancient text web browser
but the nearest I could find was the 16F873 which has a totally different
pin out and many other minor differences.

Wouldn't an enhanced 16F84 with A/D inputs and perhaps a proper UART be a
neat IC?

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2000\03\20@201918 by Jim Robertson

At 04:04 PM 3/20/00 +0000, you wrote:

-If my memory is correct-

There are the 16F627, 628 parts that are drop-in replacements. These have
a UART and comparitor like the 16C62x parts.

The 628 is a 2K part.

Both have more registers available too.


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Jim Robertson
MPLAB compatible PIC programmers.

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