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'15 KHz'
1997\09\01@051610 by Keith Dowsett

At 15:44 29/08/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Cool, i'll see what i can do.
>This 15 KHz is used in a transceiver i got, it says it needs a reference
>frequency of 18.99 MHZ, but when i look at the schematic, that 18.99 MHZ
>is just converted to 15 KHZ, so i thought i might be able to make 15 KHZ
>a lot easier than 18.99 MHZ
>So it needs to be exactly 15 KHZ.
>Thanks for your help

Easiest one I can see is 6MHz / 400 = 15kHz  Should be fairly easy to
implement on a PIC, or 3 CMOS chips (counter, Nand and Flip-flop)

Keith Dowsett         "Variables won't; constants aren't."

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