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'12-bit/16bit A/D interface to PIC ?'
1995\07\06@150944 by Gangguo Gu

Hi, Folks,
       Is there any application note about PIC interfacing to 12bit or 16bit
A/D converter ? or somebody can provide some information ?



1995\07\10@210645 by nino.benci

picon face
I would like to thank all those that have helped me with connecting
MAXIM serial A/D's and D/A's to PICs. You know who you are. I have
succeeded in interfacing a MAX176 A/D and a MAX538 D/A to a PIC16C71.
The cct and code work in a basic loop test, confirmation of operation.

I am therefore posting this message to inform all that if you would
like a copy of the files, MAX176.ASM, adapted from 3WIRE.ASM and
MAX1.TIF, the scanned test schematic please feel free to email me
for these.

Once again, muchos gracias....

Nino Benci.

PS: Could I post these to the the MChip ftp site for all to access.
* Antonio (Nino) Benci                       *                         *
* Chief Technical Officer                    *                         *
* Monash University - Dept of Physics        *         I think         *
* Wellington Rd, Clayton. 3168               *      Therefore I am     *
* Victoria, Australia.                       *          I eat          *
* TEL - 61 3 9905 3649, FAX - 61 3 9905 3637 *   Therefore I excrete   *
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