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'1,9volt & 1,3v on PORTA?'
1998\01\19@121459 by Radboud Verberne


I was busy making a beermeter, but i've founded something starnge... I use
PortA 0tm3 as outputs. PortA,0 works fine... High level (at 10ma Current)
is at 4,5 volt. PortA,1 works olso fine... (lowlevel at 0,26V). But all the
other pins gave really strange LOW/HIGH values. On PORTA,2 I measured a
value of 1,3V and on PORTA,3 1,9v!
The PIC is communicating with an CD4094 (Serial to parallel). I've tried to
use pull down resistor of 2k2 but with no result!

IS the code I'm using wrong? I couldn't find something in the datasheet
about a certain "not defined IO value"...
Has PortA then Internal Pullups? I know POrtB has... I've also tried to use
another PIC, but with the same result...

The PIC i'm using is an 16C84 (Beginners PIC, Yes, this is my first real
project) working at 4Mhz. I've connected the MCLR (Pin4) to +5v through a
1k resistor.

Does anyone know a solution?

       Radboud Verberne.

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