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'1,2,3's of PIC16F84'
1998\11\26@044550 by Norayr S. Elmayan

Please be aware that we have completed a book entitled 1,2,3's of PIC16F84.

It contains  10 examples: form the simplest I/O interface to data eeprom
programming.  It is 35 pages & it is an excellent  package for beginners to
start with PIcs.  Why 84, because it is simple, effective & yet powerful.

The package contains a book, one PIC16F84 & a demo board with schematics to
test each program.

We also have low cost programmer for 84.

Comment to SES Electronics, contact name Norayr

Thank you

1998\11\29@023302 by Gary Chung

Do you have a home page ???

Norayr S. Elmayan wrote:

{Quote hidden}

1998\11\30@074741 by Norayr S. Elmayan

Sorry, but we are working on it,  Have a fax? I could send you picture.


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