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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Parallax 16C64 Adapter pinout..'
1994\06\16@190829 by johnsonj

'Networking the PIC and/or the BASIC STAMP...'
1994\07\06@005243 by Bob Armstrong
1994\07\06@102756 by mbmoore
'Networking the PIC and/or the BASIC STAMP... '
1994\07\06@122105 by Edward Cheung
' subject...'
1994\07\14@095429 by RAM6%Proj%RnD
'PICs for trade.....'
1994\07\14@125803 by pablo

'MpK coming now...'
1994\08\11@110752 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\15@141340 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\18@154816 by crocontroller discussion list
'memory query...more administrivia'
1994\08\18@230736 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\18@230736 by crocontroller discussion list

'ID & Configuration regs on 16C84...'
1994\11\06@022834 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\11\06@120055 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\11\07@024440 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\11\07@063342 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\11\07@202617 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\11\08@032924 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\11\08@191525 by crocontroller discussion list
'Serial Programming...'
1994\11\09@161325 by crocontroller discussion list
'Detection of why RESET occurred? - Similar note...'
1994\11\10@005400 by crocontroller discussion list
'Serial Programming...'
1994\11\10@071903 by crocontroller discussion list
'Waiting waiting waiting....'
1994\11\18@174814 by crocontroller discussion list

'PIC switching A/C...more'
1994\12\07@115940 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\07@125507 by crocontroller discussion list

'Just in case this one got lost in the shuffle...'
1995\01\25@144511 by Andrew Warren
'Who is on the list....'
1995\01\26@084309 by Paul Greenwood
1995\01\26@102520 by John M. Johnson

'Help me - fast..... (reset line)'
1995\03\02@103748 by Paul Greenwood
1995\03\02@123701 by Henri Schultze
1995\03\02@133429 by Derrick Early
1995\03\02@134921 by Bryan Crotaz
'Minolta Camera Interfacing ...'
1995\03\02@161401 by Christer Johansson
'Help me - fast..... (reset line)'
1995\03\03@051014 by Henri Schultze
1995\03\03@084100 by Lou Sortman
1995\03\03@120655 by Paul Greenwood

'one more question....'
1995\04\03@222243 by Jeff Fisher
'www users...'
1995\04\15@014722 by brian luehrs

'Real-Time Clock and other problems...'
1995\05\18@054526 by divanov
'PIC 16C74...'
1995\05\18@090736 by Patric Anveg}rd
'Real-Time Clock and other problems...'
1995\05\18@111056 by KG Systems

'Data Books etc...'
1995\06\09@211836 by jandrews
'Jumping water...'
1995\06\26@155921 by CRSO.pic
'external rtcc....?'
1995\06\26@164059 by Kenny Baby
1995\06\26@204938 by Andrew Warren
1995\06\27@085759 by Doug Sellner
1995\06\27@103333 by Siegfried Grob
1995\06\27@174905 by o Soares
1995\06\27@193309 by Eric Smith
'mpasm warnings...?'
1995\06\27@213835 by Andrew Warren
'RE I2C stuff ...'
1995\06\28@091652 by Vincent Himpe
'external RTCC.....'
1995\06\28@134249 by Kenny Baby
'mpasm warnings...?'
1995\06\28@160446 by Andrew Warren
'external rtcc....?'
1995\06\29@203718 by khladky

'mpasm 1.2 errors..?'
1995\07\10@231427 by Andrew Warren
'The 10 pm problem, now 11:30 odd....'
1995\07\14@072313 by stephnss
'16 bit compare routine....'
1995\07\18@235145 by nino.benci
'X71 A/D linearity etc...'
1995\07\29@084714 by DEZA ASENSIO, Roberto
'16C57 Initialization (was: "making OTP....")'
1995\07\29@193442 by Andrew Warren

'Programming problems..'
1995\08\01@110355 by Stammnes V.G.S
1995\08\01@121821 by David Tait
1995\08\01@133444 by Rolan
'Sun programmer (was: VERY low ...)'
1995\08\02@045359 by David Tait
'PICs and the FCC.....'
1995\08\03@133746 by>
1995\08\03@225200 by Andrew Warren
1995\08\06@193253 by First Last
1995\08\07@221212 by First Last
'Programming problems..'
1995\08\10@012335 by Antti Lukats
1995\08\10@061227 by David Tait
'A/C current, liability, etc...'
1995\08\15@024018 by divanov
1995\08\15@042412 by m.d.simpson.bra0505
1995\08\15@044935 by S. Pefhany
1995\08\15@050839 by divanov
1995\08\15@093006 by jsangemino
1995\08\15@095932 by Przemek Klosowski
1995\08\15@110950 by Gordon A. MOYLE
1995\08\15@111353 by Brian Read
1995\08\15@111811 by Doug Sellner
1995\08\15@142911 by Mike Schreck
'What is low voltage....??'
1995\08\16@120058 by Gene Silvernail
'PIC 16C84 RS-232 In Circuit Programmer...'
1995\08\16@173059 by mike
1995\08\17@031559 by Erik Hermann
'16c54,RC osc.. how slow can I go?'
1995\08\19@112250 by David G. Schmidt
1995\08\19@142102 by Andrew Warren
1995\08\19@202112 by David G. Schmidt
1995\08\21@060136 by David Eastlake
'Simple code..'
1995\08\21@140908 by Stammnes V.G.S
1995\08\21@182500 by Brian Read
'Chuck Hansen is quoted ....'
1995\08\21@183346 by Slaton/Unique Marketing Solutions
'An idea... or 2.321'
1995\08\22@012303 by Mick Kunstelj
'A/C current, liability, etc...'
1995\08\22@102750 by Martin McCormick
'PLEASE remove me from this list...'
1995\08\22@132107 by Jorj Bauer
'Chuck Hansen is quoted ....'
1995\08\28@141017 by Jeff
'Some I/O timimg questions...'
1995\08\30@050901 by Dennis Velthuis
'Some I/O timing questions...'
1995\08\30@102537 by Siegfried Grob
'Some I/O timimg questions...'
1995\08\31@105817 by Mike Schreck
1995\08\31@155057 by Kenny Baby

'Some I/O timimg questions...'
1995\09\01@051717 by Bill Cornutt
'Be careful...'
1995\09\08@142359 by stephen parkinson
'It never ends...'
1995\09\20@225339 by Andrew Warren
'Getting back up to speed...'
1995\09\21@151322 by Timothy McDonough DIAL UP1
'Ok, this is the last time... I promise.'
1995\09\21@224611 by Andrew Warren
'Getting back up to speed...'
1995\09\22@000349 by Brian Read
1995\09\22@134631 by Stuart Allman
1995\09\22@163944 by John Payson
'16C62X and its timers.....'
1995\09\27@155729 by Paul Greenwood
' subject...'
1995\09\28@163626 by RAM6%RnD%RnD
'Dead at 10C? [was subject...]'
1995\09\28@174415 by Mike Keitz
'16C62X and its timers.....'
1995\09\28@205729 by BBoles
1995\09\29@140206 by Paul Greenwood
1995\09\29@162037 by BBoles
' subject...'
1995\09\29@173036 by RAM6%RnD%RnD
'Dead at 10c... sigh...'
1995\09\30@050403 by Bill Cornutt

'Stop these postings: FREEE 1 yr etc...'
1995\10\08@174037 by Falstaff
1995\10\09@045427 by Errington A
1995\10\09@182458 by Scott Stephens
'ALN is providing FREE auto-responders ... find out'
1995\10\15@015213 by aln
'list move update...'
1995\10\15@230729 by jory bell
'spam and list move...'
1995\10\21@192327 by jory bell
'New PICs..... (rejected by list server).'
1995\10\23@134551 by Paul Greenwood
1995\10\23@140502 by Paul Greenwood
'Message quoting (was: New PICs.....)'
1995\10\27@165809 by Sheldon Ward

'EEPROM PICS, BASIC Interpreters....'
1995\11\02@131950 by Robin Abbott
1995\11\02@160240 by John Payson
1995\11\02@192433 by Mike Goelzer
'Cheap programmer isn't working...'
1995\11\09@170551 by Rick Miller
1995\11\10@155243 by Scott Stephens
1995\11\11@035904 by Newfound Electronics
1995\11\13@044510 by Andrew Errington
'Looking for a PIC tool archive...'
1995\11\13@094358 by John Safrit
1995\11\13@174643 by adrian
'Looking for a PIC tool archive...'
1995\11\15@064423 by Scott Stephens
'Working on a VHDL PIC Core..'
1995\11\27@075254 by Thomas Coonan
1995\11\27@143219 by Scott Stephens
1995\11\27@171452 by Eric Brewer
1995\11\27@174527 by Thomas Coonan
1995\11\27@210226 by Joel Carvajal
1995\11\27@235144 by Brian Read
1995\11\28@004418 by Joel Carvajal
1995\11\28@095838 by Przemek Klosowski
1995\11\28@100927 by Thomas Coonan
1995\11\28@103459 by Thomas Coonan

'PIC_C.EXE... "null pointer assignment..."'
1995\12\01@212731 by Thomas Coonan
'Need help with DTAIT programmer....'
1995\12\06@081430 by John Safrit
1995\12\06@121318 by David Tait
'PIC Prices...'
1995\12\11@085223 by rm
'Help.... transition anxiety'
1995\12\14@132700 by Brad Mitchell
1995\12\14@134559 by Brad Mitchell
1995\12\14@172846 by Andrew Warren
1995\12\14@185335 by Andrew Warren
1995\12\15@040618 by William Kitchen
'Adobe Acrobat Help.. please'
1995\12\30@175300 by Patrick S. Coutu
1995\12\30@200229 by William Kitchen

'No Subject..New PIC programmer from ITU > $130'
1996\03\13@140713 by George Wise
'testing again...'
1996\03\15@053443 by Andrew Warren
'detecting phone rings ...'
1996\03\19@035614 by Ronald Leenes
1996\03\19@054219 by Stuart Lea
1996\03\19@100045 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1996\03\19@101339 by Mike Riendeau
1996\03\19@172711 by Ken Parkyn
1996\03\19@183945 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'The sensing Saga...'
1996\03\25@065259 by Andy Errington
'Visiting ultrasonics, again...'
1996\03\25@095803 by Harrison Cooper
1996\03\25@125901 by Michael S. Hagberg
1996\03\25@131145 by Bill Cornutt
1996\03\25@154157 by Mike Keitz
'The sensing Saga...'
1996\03\25@200403 by Innovative_Technologies
'Visiting ultrasonics, again...'
1996\03\25@233244 by terogers
1996\03\26@151149 by Moritz von Buttlar
'Visiting ultrasonics, again... (&again)'
1996\03\27@112119 by terogers
1996\03\28@093310 by Argiris A. Kranidiotis

'Source of MR-11 bulbs...'
1996\04\03@235403 by Peter Homann
'Interesting Free Offer........'
1996\04\08@035236 by JohnChen00
1996\04\08@103329 by Bryan S Highland
1996\04\08@135044 by R.Radhakrishnan
1996\04\08@140703 by Roger Books
'Interesting Free Advice........'
1996\04\08@172317 by Don McKenzie
'Source of MR-11 bulbs...'
1996\04\08@231433 by Ken Parkyn
1996\04\09@015107 by Lauw Lim Un Tung
1996\04\09@110257 by Brent Miller
1996\04\09@232120 by Lauw Lim Un Tung
1996\04\13@012504 by Lauw Lim Un Tung
1996\04\13@133108 by Brent Miller

'reading a mechanical display...'
1996\05\09@154521 by Harrison Cooper
1996\05\09@164149 by Eric Smith
1996\05\09@171106 by Don McKenzie
1996\05\09@202217 by David Schmidt
1996\05\10@085356 by Rick Miller
1996\05\10@155947 by Eric Smith
1996\05\12@025305 by Scott Stephens
1996\05\15@101310 by Tom Sgouros
'Setting up TMR1..del'd Response pls repeat'
1996\05\16@101309 by Mark Peterson
'Large Serial RAM solution...'
1996\05\16@230231 by Peter Homann
1996\05\17@071520 by mike
'GNUPIC C Compiler recomendations?...'
1996\05\21@210328 by Peter Homann
'Analizing AN555..+ serial timeout'
1996\05\23@021022 by Edwin Baaij
'Newbie questions....'
1996\05\24@004116 by Tom Messenger
1996\05\24@042142 by fastfwd
'Cannot read Microchip .pdf-> solved...'
1996\05\28@032838 by Onat Ahmet
'Analizing AN555..+ serial timeout'
1996\05\29@020635 by Edwin Baaij
1996\05\29@024446 by fastfwd

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