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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Re : 3 wire LED display (well 2 wire)'
1995\11\10@131535 by Robin Abbott
1995\11\10@140006 by reginald neale

'(Well OT) PCB Design Software'
1998\01\08@045131 by n Midgley
1998\01\08@065626 by richard skinner
1998\01\08@084359 by jrmont
1998\01\08@100233 by wilson
1998\01\08@124222 by lilel
1998\01\08@134320 by Leon Heller
1998\01\08@171750 by Graeme Odgers
1998\01\08@173821 by Bill (WL) Boulton
1998\01\09@123719 by lilel
1998\01\09@152740 by tefan Ranguelov

'Bitscope [OT] (well, there's a PIC in it anyway ;^'
1999\12\24@153959 by Edson Brusque

'[EE]: Best DSP solution available now (well, soon)'
2002\08\13@204642 by Spehro Pefhany

'OT: Biodiesel (well,salad oil) motorbike conversio'
2007\01\31@170131 by Peter P.
'OT: Biodiesel (well, salad oil) motorbike conversi'
2007\01\31@172024 by stef mientki

'OT: Biodiesel (well,salad oil) motorbike conversio'
2007\02\01@105545 by Cedric Chang

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