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'(OPS!!! Forget "Baldas"!) & (Capacitors from Vdd t'
1998\08\07@043958 by Nuno Pedrosa

Sorry!! Sorry!!

It's friday! I'm sorry! As you may guess, I sent the mail with subject
"Baldas" to the wrong address... Please Ignore. I need some coffee...

Anyway, since I'm here, just one little question:

I'm building an ISA Card with a PIC 16c64. Communication with the PC
will be done by 16bit I/O through 2 FIFOs. This Card is supposed to be
connected to a CAN bus, and that's it's primary purpose. Unfortunatly
this won't be done. We needed the i82527, and it's not available.

So, this card will just have a PIC with time-stamping to play with.

My question is a simple one, I think:
 Should we put 10nf Capacitors from Vdd to Vss pins? This is supposed
to minimize noise glitches. I just would like to be sure if it's not
going to be a problem...

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1998\08\07@093319 by WF AUTOMACAO

Nuno Pedrosa wrote:
{Quote hidden}

He he he! ƒ coisa de portugues!



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