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'(Fwd) FS: PICSTART development system for Microchi'
1995\04\03@170644 by Henry Carl Ott

picon face
I remember somebody was looking for a picstart.
Saw this in sci.electronics and thought I'd repost it.

In sci.electronics Dave Fors said:
 FOR SALE:  Microchip's PICSTART-16B1 development system.

Microchip's PICSTART-16B1 development system provides design engineers a
fast, easy and very
low-cost way to begin evaluation and code developmenbt of PIC
microcontroller products.  The
PICSTART-16B1 comes complete with:
   assembler and simulator software
   programmer board
   PIC16CXX product samples
   supports the full range of PIC16C54/C55/C56/C57, PIC16C71 and PIC16C8
   90-250VAC - 50/60 Hz power supply
   RS-232 cable
   Assembler Manual
   Simulator Manual.

System documentation includes Microchip's new Embedded Control Application
Handbook and the
Microchip Product Data Book.  The PICSTART-16B1 programmer board accepts
18- and 28-lead
PIC16CXX devices.  System software includes MPALC Assembler, MPSIM
Simulator and
programmer software to read and program all PIC16CXX products.  MPALC is a
PC hosted
symbolic cross assembler used to convert source code into object code.
MPSIM is a very efficient
discrete event software simulator designed to imitate the operation of all

Digi-Key price $195.  Your price $125 shipping within USA included.
(PICSTART never taken out
of box or used).  I'm selling it because I got into computer servicing
instead of hardware design.

Dave Fors

later .......


Henry Carl Ott       N2RVQ
No wife, no horse, no spell checker.

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