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'{Spam?} Re: [OT] Perfect electric hybrid car specs'
2007\12\02@212411 by Byron Jeff

On Mon, Dec 03, 2007 at 12:09:42PM +1100, Jake Anderson wrote:
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I'm just working from what I'm reading. The wiki entry listed below states:

"A weakness [of a series hybrid] is that the power from the combustion
engine has to run through both the generator and electric motor. During
long-distance highway driving, the electrical transmission can be less
efficient than a conventional transmission."

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That's not the impression I got from my reading. I do understand that once
the car gets up to crusing speed, it's primarily driven by the gas engine.
However, the low speed startup seems to be completely electric. This is
different than other cars like the Insight, which can't move at all without
the gas engine running.

The average driver wants a lot from their car. Gas is a compact, powerful,
cheap fuel. So I understand why hybrids are constructed the way they are.

The wikipedia entry on hybrid drivetrains sheds quite a bit of light:

> If you turfed all the electronics the car would probably perform about
> the same due to it being lighter, while drastically reducing the price
> and manufacturing carbon footprint. The fiat punto turbo diesel gets the
> same fuel economy as a Prius with a $10000 lower price tag.

You and I are thinking in different directions. I seek a true electric with
gas/diesel as a backup. The Standard Prius mixes and matches. But it does
have the facility to drive the car totally electric. If it has a plugin,
then you only need the gas engine in an emergency.


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