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'] Voltage Conversion Circuit'
2004\01\22@161433 by Eisermann, Phil [Ridg/CO]

pic microcontroller discussion list wrote:
> I need to convert a 0V to +5V DC signal to a +0.3V to +10V signal.
> Here comes the tricky part, When the signal is +5V the output
> needs to be +0.3V. When the signal is 0V I need the output to
> be +10V.

How close to those output voltages do you need to get, and is
the input signal analog or digital?

If there's some amount of drive current available from the input
signal, then a simple transistor inverter might be 'good enough'
for recreational (hobby) use. If the saturation voltage is too
low then using two output resistors should get you around this.

on a production design, you'd have to provide more information.

Phil Eisermann
Electronics Engineer
The Ridge Tool Company

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