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'] Vibration sensor?'
2004\03\07@073243 by Steve Smith

Its crude but a 6mm hole with a 3 mm rod inside it a small weight
beneath the hole and suspend the rod from a piece of fishing twine. Make
the hole conductive and there you have it a bump sensor (same as used in
pinball machines) to change sensitivity make hole larger / smaller and
decrease / increase the distance to the pivot point or change the

       Works in 360 degrees (all axis) to restrict to two access make
only part of the hole conductive you can then choose the axis of

Option 2 (contact less)
       Same as above but you can use two slotted opto switches and
organize them so that the rod intersects the beams on both switches
hence the thickness of the rod should be only a little more that net
response area of the photo transistor same principle as above but with
less contact bounce


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2004\03\08@162550 by Denny Esterline

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Considering the physical constraints of the device (has to fit in a 1 inch
ID tube oriented horizontally, sensitive to bumps perpendicular to the axis
of the tube) I'm not sure the pendulum style is applicable.

I had considered a variation on the optical though. With a piece of spring
wire holding itself up horizontally from one end, and a mass on the other
end, and an analog, reflective opto pair aimed at it. Any motion would
cause the amount of reflected light to change and it could be picked up
with an A/D converter and software.

I'd rather have a mechanical solution because I'd like to put the pic to
sleep most of the time.


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