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'] Online machine shop'
2004\08\31@104005 by Marc Nicholas

I've been involved in helping to remove some of the bugs from their
software! Especially in 3D mode...


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'] Online machine shop'
2004\09\01@084206 by Lawrence Lile
Emachine shop looks like a great fab house.  They are not cheap for one-offs (who is?) but they can ramp the same part into small production quantities.  

The other outfit that does a similar thing is front panel express

They only do flat things, but can *engrave*  anodized lettering into aluminum, siolkscreen all kinds of fancy graphics, and make about any shape and cutout you can imagine in a number of materials like steel, aluminum and plastic.  If your project needs a professional looking faceplate, these guys can make it.  They also have proprietary web based software.  

-- Lawrence Lile, P.E.
Electrical and Electronic Solutions
Project Solutions Companies
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