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'[sxtech] [EE]: Re: Questions - Wiegand 26 bit?'
2003\01\03@032639 by sxtech

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> What is "Wiegand 26 bit data"?

Never heard of it - but there are 1500+ Google hits.

Seems to be an "industry standard" data transfer protocol for eg card
readers, door locks and the like for the security industry.
26 bit version allows 16 bit data.

1st Google ref gives:    see below

Spec at


Wiegand Standalone Controllers
XPR introduces VISION range standalone products with Wiegand bus.

The VISION range products i.e. Master units, by way of "standard interface
concept" are interchangeable with any universally available Master units
with international standard Wiegand 26-bit format.

"Standard Interface concept"
The VISION Master units incorporate the industry standard protocol Wiegand
26-bit and hence support all types of Wiegand readers e.g. HID, EM,
MOTOROLA, DEISTER etc. It supports Wiegand readers independently of the
technology used i.e. keypad, proximity reader, magnetic card reader ...

The VISION Master units offer high reliability and security with flexibility
at a reasonable cost. They are user-friendly, networkable and, because of
their compatibility features, are able to be connected to readers using
other technologies. The MULTIX range multi-protocol readers are easily
connected to the VISION Master units thus enabling total interconnectivity.

The VISION range Master units have the option of selecting 26-bit or 30-bit
Wiegand protocol as desired.

In 26-bit Wiegand format, the user codes can be 0 to 65535.

30-bit Wiegand format increases the security level due to the greater number
of bits and hence increases the length of the codes (0 to 16777215).

The VISION range features:

Wiegand 26-bit protocol (selectable option of 30-bit Wiegand)
Supports all types of Wiegand readers
Operates on 12V DC
200 User memory
3 outputs
1 Exit button
Door contact
User codes/tags programmed directly from VISION Master units or using
Wiegand readers

The VISION Range of products includes: WMX, WEX and WVI.


WMX : A standalone keypad, in an ergonomically designed ABS housing, for
single door control and home automation. WMX, with double tamper protection,
is networkable with WIEGAND readers and has 1 relay and 2 transistorised

WEX : A robust standalone keypad with backlit keys that can either be
surface or flush mounted. In an aesthetically designed housing, WEX is
available in three colours to match any dicor. It is networkable with
WIEGAND readers and has 2 relays and 1 transistorised output.

WVI : A programmable control unit with 3 relay outputs for a wide variety of
applications. WVI is networkable with WIEGAND readers and programming is
done via the recessed silicone membrane keypad. It is designed to be
installed inside a secure area.

The MULTIX Range readers of different technologies can be networked via the
WIEGAND interface to the VISION range of products i.e. DUO-S, MONO-S, MINI,

XPR Ltd. ) 2002. All Rights Reserved.

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