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PICList Thread
2001\01\02@113329 by rottosen

Dan Michaels wrote:
> Rich Ottosen wrote:
> >No characters here but there is color. Yes, it is a SX doing all the
> >work.  :-)
> >
> >See the picture I have attached!
> >I hope the picture file isn't too large for the list.
> >
> Pretty amazing stuff for an SX. What are you using for RAM
> space, or doing it all on the fly? [and isn't about time you
> retired that monitor? :)].

The video is generated from code using only the RAM in the SX.
[NO! Then how could I play Lemmings on my Amiga 2000???]

And, Dan there may be a live demonstration of SX video at the 6502 Group
meeting tonight at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. You and any
other PIC-Lister are invited. Contact me for details.

-- Rich

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2001\01\02@221233 by James Newton

face picon face
Totally cool Richard!

I'm amazed at the nice range of colors you got...
...are details forthcoming? ...on the hardware and software you used?

James Newton
1-619-652-0593 phone

{Original Message removed}

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