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'[semi-OT] SCENIX programmer/software'
1999\02\27@184958 by Sean Breheny

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Hi all,

Can anyone point me to a simple SCENIX programmer design and programming
software/assembler? Are there any available on the net? Has anyone tried
any of these and had success?

Thanks very much,


| Sean Breheny
| Amateur Radio Callsign: KA3YXM
| Electrical Engineering Student
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1999\02\28@015427 by Ben Stragnell


There is a free programmer at

along with a fairly crappy assembler (there are other, better,
also free assemblers available out there!). Looks like Parallax are
coming out with a much cheaper version of their SX-Key programmer,
which obviously has the benefit of proper support.



* Ben Stragnell             *               *
* 3D Programmer             *                      *
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