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'[piclist] [admin]: Piclist owner, please read thi'
2003\02\21@005328 by Robert Rolf

picon face
This would appear to be a recent change to the list headers.

I know that if this is the new, _undiscussed_ policy for this list, then
I will no longer be contributing since this means that the moderators no
longer want us to share our responses with the rest of the membership.
I have no interest in providing one-on-one consulting.

Been fun. See you on another list someday...


Phil Seakins wrote:
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2003\02\21@082703 by Larry Bradley

I've no idea what "Phil" is referring to; the PICLIST stuff I get has the
"Reply-To" header, and always has.

I just checked on Yahoo - there is a Piclist Yahoo group, but from a brief
look, it doesn't appear to be connected to this listserv - he seems to be
referring to the setup of the Yahoo group, and perhaps sent the message to
this list instead.


At 10:09 PM 2/20/2003 -0700, you wrote:
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Larry Bradley
Orleans (Ottawa), Ontario, CANADA

-- hint: PICList Posts must start with ONE topic:
[PIC]:,[SX]:,[AVR]: ->uP ONLY! [EE]:,[OT]: ->Other [BUY]:,[AD]: ->Ads

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