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2002\12\02@122440 by Dal Wheeler

face as well as a quick google search will turn up several examples
of a pic to 4 bit character LCD interface.  A more specific description of
the problems you are having would be helpful.  Simply saying "it doesn't
work --please fix it" without source snipit or details isn't going to get
you anywhere you want to go.

Several things can go wrong when communicating with an LCD module.  Is the
contrast set correctly?  Are you getting any response to programming
commands (does the lcd initialize/clear the screen)?  Sometimes it helps to
put a lot of delays into the code and probe each step to see if the
processor is outputing bitpatterns as expected.  It's difficult to guess
without knowing what is or isn't working.

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2002\12\03@005110 by Binu Pillai

picon face
Hello Dal
    I am new to this list.Thanx for ur response.I am working on
Lcd module for the first time.The problem is it not getting
initialized,and i have no clue how and what the logic is and how
to go ahead with.That is the problem.all these days i was doing
just the othere kinda application and the display is new.I am here
using Port B 16F873.could u suggest me how to go ahead.The
contrast part is fine because i can see the segments in the LCD
when switched on.So basically i am stuck with the initialization
and and data transfer to the module.I am attaching the circuit for
LCD module again with this.
    Do u have any ready software for this? little bit short of
time too.
waiting to hear from you

take care to get what u like or u will be forced to like what u

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