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'[pic] Re: [OT] Would you beat the snot out of thes'
2007\01\04@032731 by Clint Sharp

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In message <>, Tachyon
<> writes
>Oh yeah,
>Like a red headed step-child.
>Jinx wrote:
>> I think I might
It's just a transparent, sh**ty, cynical attempt at starting a viral
marketing campaign. Best bet, don't post the URL anywhere.
Clint Sharp

2007\01\04@062456 by Michael Rigby-Jones

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{Quote hidden}

I totaly agree it's virtualy guaranteed that it's all set up just to create some publicity.

WHOIS shows the registrant of the domain is:

           EMI (IP) LIMITED
         27 WRIGHTS LANE
         LONDON, LONDON w8 5sw
         Phone: +44.2077957313
         Fax: +44.20777957314



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