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'[pic] : serial decoders'
2000\10\06@074157 by -8859-1?q?Robert=20Sochon?=

Can anyone please tell me what chip/shift register I
should use for a 4mhz pic if i want to run a 3
wire/line lcd interface. Where can I purchase the
chip? and the LCD? That I want to use a 2*20 Lcd as
well. I just don't seem to be able to find them! I am
basing it on the project on microchip website and also
in myke predko's book - I am missing something I no
that to well!

any help will be greatfully received. I need all the
help I can get I am on an a-level Dt project!

Many Thanks


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2000\10\06@091845 by Andy Howard

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Subject: [pic] : serial decoders

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Since you're in the UK you might want to look at who
stock surplus LCDs, the site layout is appaling but you can download their
catalogue or get the dead-tree version by post. Just make sure the one you
get uses a 44780 compatible controller, not all surplus LCDs are created

There's some useful character LCD info at too.

Try for chips. They do LCDs too at fairly reasonable

Avoid Maplin is my other advice, they're too often out of stock and
expensive in my opinion.

There are quite a lot of shift registers that are suitable, it isn't really
critical in this application, just look for serial in/parallel out devices.
It's a while since I read Myke's book but I think he uses the LCD in 4 bit
mode so an 8-bit register should be plenty.  74HC164 is a good place to
start looking, it's an 8-bit serial in/parallel out device, a search on the
Farnell site for shift registers will no doubt give plenty of other options.

If you're interested in other approaches there are also some PIC based
solutions to running an LCD serially. One of the PIC'n series books has a
design, I think it's in "PIC'n Up The Pace", and the software for that is
downloadable from their website A web-search will probably
produce others.

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2000\10\07@015937 by jamesjennings

Check Myke Predko's web page for  more details and source code.

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2000\10\09@153519 by Alan Friedman

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For what it's worth, Jameco ( advertises a "one line"
serial LCD interface chip. The number is EDE702, made by E-Lab
Digital Engineering. Don't know any details.

Andy Howard wrote:
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