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PICList Thread
2002\12\03@121106 by Dal Wheeler

First, you should probably read up on HD44780 type LCD controllers.  Again,
search engines are your friend; you can easily find thousands of references
and examples to help you.  Piclist also has code examples that will do what
you want, but you will need to modify them to fit your application  --you
need to understand the lcd initialization process; check HD44780
examples/data sheets to get a good feel for it.  Try some of the 4 bit
interface examples without your application at first.  You can run most of
the '87x LCD examples on your '873 part with little modification.  When you
understand some of what is going on you'll have a basis for some detailed
questions. has some test / lcd interface
libraries.  Check Andy Kunz's writeup on hightech C LCD examples.

Sorry you are short on time, but you probably should always plan a little
extra time for learning curves on anything new.  Good luck in your

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