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'[pic]: Dependancies of AN660 functions'
2001\03\17@123736 by Oliver Broad

I've been having some problems getting AN660 code to assemble. More
specifically the log function. There are two versions one nominally 24 bit,
the other 32 bit. I notice that both versions use math functions from fp32,
and both use one 'float' function from fp24. They also use an integer
multiply , log32 uses two.

I can't understand the code being dependant on both fp libs, surely log32
should use fp32, log24 should use fp24. Since the code uses near calls I
presume all the fp code has to go in one eprom page and with both libs it
just doesn't fit. Cutting and pasting the relevant parts fixed it so it
assembles and appears to work but I'm not altogether happy as the result is
a mess and surely I should just be able to include the relevant files to
assemble it.

Also has anyone rewritten to use CBLOCKs. If not I guess I should
do it as it certainly needs doing.

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