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'[pICLIST] Warp13 programmer ...'
2000\02\04@094420 by John C. Frenzel

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Sent: Friday, February 04, 2000 8:02 AM
Subject: [PICLIST] Warp13 programmer ...

> I just ordered the Warp13 programmer.  Power Supply is not included -- is
> just a wall module unit required?  If so what are the specs?
The WARP-13 programmer requires power input in the range of 17 to 20VDC or
12-15VAC. The WARP-13 power input is fully bridge rectified and the power
plug is not polarity sensitive. this means it does not matter if the tip on
the power lead is positive or negative. Either way around is fine.

I recently replaced my ITU programmer with on of these and it is the best
money I have spent.  It is a joy to work with!
> I'm just getting into PIC development.  I already have a solderless
> breadboard but I need to obtain the following parts -- where is a good
> to order in small quantity?
>         - PIC 16F84A
>         - Ceramic Resonator or Xtal

>         - an A/D chip that serially interfaces to the PIC

I have used the ADC0831 8 bit converter alot.  It is cheap and alot of
example code is available on the net.
>         - an inexpensive digital readout that easily interfaces to the PIC

take a look at Scott Edwards site for his serial LCD's, one wire is very
You may want to take a look at the Pic Sticks from Don for an easier
prototyping platform.  They have places on them for the ADC, and a MAX232
for the serial port.   If you are going to do ADC work, a breadboard will
take you only so far.   take a look at they sell all the stuff
above.  Good company, with good prices.
>                                                      Carl W. Moser
John Frenzel

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