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'[ot] throw away people? Re: [PIC] Remove IC markin'
2004\11\10@070053 by hilip Stortz

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yes, except that only bozos are easy to replace.  typically, according
to several management people i know you have to hire about 10 employees
to get 1 good one.  now to get some one who is fantastic at their job
you probably have to hire hundreds in many cases.  there are in fact
people who are very nearly impossible to replace.  
in any case, treating people as if they were as easily replaced as
multi-sourced components is a large part of why it is hard to find
"loyal" employees, or rather a large part of why most aren't stupid
enough to be loyal to an employer who isn't loyal to them.  at my last
job, i was the first employee in 20 years that was as competent and hard
working as my boss who had been doing the job for over 30 years, in fact
if not for health problems i would have replaced him as being in charge
of selling and installing systems.  i and he were in fact nearly
irreplaceable.  in the 5 years since i worked there they have hired many
employees, and grown, but they still lack a really good replacement for
the gentleman who was my boss.  and people are loyal to that company and
generally work very hard, why?  because the company is loyal to them and
stands behind them 100%, even if it means losing some customers who are
more trouble than they are worth and some who aren't.  
it's amazing to me how companies can treat people like dirt and then act
surprised that they don't work harder and aren't loyal, as if it would
make any sense to provide better labor than you are being paid or
treated as.  i've seen this a lot in boulder colorado, all the high tech
companies trying to treat engineers like temps and wondering why they
can never find good employees, well it's because they aren't good
employers and most people catch on to that quickly.  as one manager i
knew put it "you can't make good employees, you can only hire them and
then not turn them into bad employees".  
it's part of the trend to view those with lower paying jobs as somehow
fundamentally inferior and undeserving of the kind of treatment
management expects, and expecting those people under them to like being
treated as inferior, not as employees under them, but as objects that
intrinsically deserve less careful handling and don't deserve to be
treated as valuable.  a really good employee is very nearly
irreplaceable, and the cost to replace a good employee is prohibitive,
yet many large companies have failed to realize this economic truth
which holds even if you don't see intrinsic value in human beings who
actually care about their work.

it's not that people expect more than they deserve, it's that they
expect what they do deserve, and quickly become dissatisfied when their
worth is denied.  the employer/employee relationship is like any other,
treat people with the respect they deserve and they will treat you with
the respect you deserve.  if you treat them like garbage you can bet
they will treat you the same way, because you've earned it.  "good"
employees want to improve, be recognized for their work, and properly
compensated in many, many ways beyond their salary.  and any employer or
supervisor who consistently ignores this simple rule quickly develops a
reputation, and then only "bad" employees apply as good employees go
elsewhere while the bad ones can not get hired by the good employers. treat employees poorly and you will guarantee that you have poor
employees.  treat them well and some will be very good and you can see
which aren't good and replace them with more that are likely to be good,
if and only if you don't ruin them.  
i'm one of those people who does the job right and enthusiastically even
when the employer doesn't deserve it, and it makes you angry quickly,
angry enough to go back into the job market and leave the bozo managers
to tend the bozo employees they've created.  i worked for a terrible
company for 9 months, i hated that i couldn't give them the substandard
level of work that they deserved and finally left (when all of the pay
checks bounced one week, and they lied about money coming in that they'd
already spent.  as i was supervising others i realized that i could not
give people a hard time for how they were doing their job when they
weren't being paid for it!  i just walked out after my break, and they
still tried to get me back and had me come in to tell the "trouble
shooter" why i'd left.  i told him it's the same problem a lot of
companies have, you just need to fire the owners!).  
i had one boss who had serious mental problems that i actually had to
get a restraining order against after i left!  do you think he gets many
good employees or that they stay there long?  no, he doesn't and he's
now out of business when he could have done very well if he had just let
his wife handle the books and he concentrated on sales, but he had to
juggle it all and scam suppliers and customers.  it's hard to stay in
business when you've burned employees, customers, and suppliers, as he
eventually found out, though i'm sure he still didn't learn anything.

yeah, some people are easy to replace, the people you don't want working
for you.  the people you do want working for you, even if they are the
janitorial staff on the other hand are hard to replace.  i've done a lot
of low end jobs between good jobs, the employers are always delighted to
have someone good and always have more bad employees than any one needs,
usually because upper management thinks people at low wages are easy to
replace, well the good ones that actually earn their pay aren't easy to
replace, in any field, even the most menial work requires someone who
cares enough to do the job right and do it in a reasonable time period.

"Peter L. Peres" wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Falcon Wireless Tech Support - KF4HAZ wrote:
> > Also forgot to mention, our agreement states that I hold the copyright
> > on All source code and PCB artwork.
> There are no irreplaceable people. People can be divided into two groups:
> one which is harder to replace, and the other which is easier to replace.

-- “it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press
cooperate.”-George Seldes, 1938 <>


2004\11\10@071235 by Jan-Erik Soderholm

face picon face
> Subject: [ot] throw away people? Re: [PIC] Remove IC markings.


Remove the PIC tag when changing tag !!
I do *not* want OT-stuff...

Best Regards,


2004\11\10@094717 by madscientist

picon face
sorry, i just learned it worked that way.  i was trying to remove it
from the pic sorting.

Jan-Erik Soderholm wrote:
> > Subject: [ot] throw away people? Re: [PIC] Remove IC markings.
> Please,
> Remove the PIC tag when changing tag !!
> I do *not* want OT-stuff...

Bush himself, perhaps the truest of Wilson's disciples, has gone even
further, declaring the United
States' purpose is to eliminate evil itself.--<>
Does Bush think he is doing God's will, or does he think he is God?
Such men are always remembered
as the Lunatic tyrants they are, eventually.

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