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'[ot] VB mailing list ?'
1999\10\31@190719 by Darren Logan

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   Anyone know of a Visual Basic mailing list?
   Please let me know if you do.


1999\10\31@191136 by Robert A. LaBudde

<x-flowed>At 07:05 PM 10/31/99 -0500, you wrote:
>     Anyone know of a Visual Basic mailing list?
>     Please let me know if you do.
>     Cheers,

The VISBAS-L list can be subscribed to via an email to:


Be aware that the volume is about 100kB in messages per day!

Robert A. LaBudde, PhD, PAS, Dpl. ACAFS  e-mail:
Least Cost Formulations, Ltd.                   URL:
824 Timberlake Drive                            Tel: 757-467-0954
Virginia Beach, VA 23464-3239                   Fax: 757-467-2947

"Vere scire est per causae scire"


1999\10\31@191553 by Darren Logan

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Great, I just found this seconds before you sent it.

Thanks for the warning about the quantity of e-mails. I already have hundreds
a day!

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