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PICList Thread
'[ot] Repeat Messages...'
1997\10\06@004048 by Shane Nelson

Subject: [OT] A new way to make PCB's

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Martin R. Green wrote:

> After all our discussions recently about plotting directly on a PCB blank,
> the November 1997 issue of Electronics Now has details of a new method for

6 day's after I originally recieved this message, I once again
find it in my inbox, and marked as unread.  I don't think it is a
case of the message being sent twice, but only delivered twice.
The date on this message, and I assume the first copy I recieved,
was Sept 30.  I think it's possible that high email traffic from
the piclist could be causing errors, and leaving sent mail in the
queue to be sent again.

Maybe we've outgrown our listserv.  Could someone check into


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